For women, men and children clothing

Veneto Dress Serivice manufactures prototypes and pattern books in order to meet any quantitative and qualitative demands of the client companies.

During the development of the prototype, the cutting phase (manual or automatic), the ten years experience of the Veneto Dress Service‘s qualified staff and the technological machineries, manufacture any kind of women, men and children item of clothing: from the most casual to the classiest.

Once the paper model is been developed and the prototype has been sewed, Veneto Dress Service controls and adjusts any possible sewing defects, wearability and size in order to provide a perfect prototype. In collaboration with the design office, the company correct efficiently the first prototype guaranteeing lower costs and rapidity.

After the careful revision of the high qualified tailors, the garment is ready for the pattern book and to be manufactured in the quantities requested by the client company and to be tested in every single phase.

Veneto Dress Service is able to reproduce the developed prototypes manufactured of the pattern books of every client, always keeping the high-quality and rapidity that characterize the company.


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Veneto Dress Service is a modern textile industry, positioning itself in the market as a leading company in the fashion field for services that start from the design of the item of clothing to the final testing.