The experience and the professionalism of Veneto Dress Services starts in the 1989 from an ironing shop.

The company improved its competence in the industry and strengthened its experience, becoming an industrial ironing company treating high quality and high fashion garments.

Over the years Veneto Dress Service was involved in several collaborations with complex men/women items of clothing and with important brands of the fashion industry.

Thanks to the great demand of the market, Veneto Dress Service reinforces successfully its logistic department.

Veneto Dress Service
Veneto Dress Service
Veneto Dress Service



Here are the 5 strong points that characterize Veneto Dress Service from the other companies and why today it is a reference point in the fashion industry.

Today the company is the ideal partner for big companies and emerging fashion designers, because it manages the entire manufacturing cycle of an item of clothing: from CAD/CAM, Prototype and Industrialization, to the finishing and the logistic, following the purchasing and the planning, the management of the raw materials, the pattern books, the industrialization, the cut and the tailoring.


1.700 square meters of benefits for who imports national or non-EU goods. 3 containers per day for a total of 10.000 items.

Why taking advantage of the customs area? Veneto Dress Service is the keeper of your business:

  • The management of the customs practices: Veneto Dress Service manages the customs warehousing and all the customs clearances procedures of the incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Saving: thanks to Veneto Dress Service‘s Customs Area all the goods are exempt of VAT, customs duty and taxes.
  • Quality control: Veneto Dress Service carries out meticulous quality controls on goods, in order to identify any abnormalities


In addiction to the other textile services, Veneto Dress Service for all the goods stored in the customs area offers: stains washing, accessories installation, industrial professional ironing, the restoration of the tailoring, the replacement of tags and labels, final testing and guaranteeing various timing and economical benefits.


There are no limits of clothing typologies for Veneto Dress Service: women, men and children items of clothing are the daily work of the qualified tailors and operators in every single phase of the manufacturing process.


Thanks to the prototype development, to CAD-CAM software, the cutting and the final testing, Veneto Dress Service is able to keep the manufacturing coasts low.

  • The CAD-CAM software allows the company to waste as little as possible.
  • The automated or manual cut, carried out by expert hands don’t allow any margins of error and waste of the fabric.
  • The meticulous intermediate and final testing provides the saving of fabrics and materials, without re-starting the manufacturing cycle all over again.


The structure of Veneto Dress Service is organized in the management of the pattern books through an internal department, and it is composed by a purchase department and a management office to provide a solid support in the manufacturing of the seasonal collections that implies determined deadlines to respect.

The seasonal manufacturing requires specific fabrics and materials: the production staff of Veneto Dress Service carries out every productive phase of the  seasonal item of clothing in order to meet the need of the clients, the full respect of the deadlines and the tailoring perfection of every item of clothing of the pattern books.

Veneto Dress Service

2.500 square meters of quality

Veneto Dress Service works in its 2.500 square meters headquarter (with 1.500 square meters of the annexed warehouse) with a building composed by 25 units: CAD-CAM, prototypes, paper patterns manufacturing, develops/placings, seasonal manufacturing, ironing, final testing and logistic.

We are also equipped with welcome and work areas for the clients.

Veneto Dress Service
Veneto Dress Service
Veneto Dress Service

Structured Organization

Veneto Dress Service is a company with integrated services in the clothing industry, complementary to the client/company, it provides solutions to any problematic of the manufacturing cycle.

Full Management

Purchases and organization, management of the raw materials, pattern book, industrialization, cutting and tailoring.

No Limits

There are no limits to the clothing typologies of Veneto Dress Service: the company manufactures garments for women, men and children apparel.


Veneto Dress Service served and is currently serving important brands like:

WP Lavori in Corso
Spazio Sei
Saint Laurent Paris
Roscini Atelier
Les Copains
Ki Who are you
Giorgio Armani
Ermanno Scervino
Daniele Alessandrini