We manage the entire textile production chain

Veneto Dress Service is a modern textile industry positioning itself in the market as a leading company in the fashion field for services that start from the design of the item of clothing to the final testing.

Stiro Industriale


Veneto Dress Service has an ironing laboratory for the ironing of coats, jackets, dresses and pants. The company has a Veit ironing tunnel achieving unrivaled finishing results, even for difficult-to-process natural fibers and an automatic begging machine. Since 1991, the ironing department have been the cornerstone of the company characterized by a high quality performances.



Veneto Dress Service at the end of the prototype, cutting and manufacturing cycles, carries out the final testing through fittings, measurements and several controls, meticulously analyzing the garment in order to provide a perfect tailoring masterpiece.

Veneto Dress Service guarantees a high quality of the delivered items of clothing with the final testing, analyzing all the physical characteristics of the item of clothing.



The logistic process of the company starts from the receiving of the garments, following the quality control (if requested) according to the technical files, the reconditioning and the storage in the warehouse to the delivery in the shops. The company offers the customs warehousing service to storage other clients’ goods for long periods of time with the consequent saving on the customs duties. Veneto Dress Services provides to its clients a wide range of logistic solutions.

Area Doganale


Veneto Dress Service offers the custom warehousing service in a 1.700 square meters building, for the storage of imported non-EU goods suspended of Import Duty and/or VAT. Thanks to the Veneto Dress Service’s Customs Area the client will have the benefit to close the bureaucratic procedures once the items of clothing are already on the market, with the possibility to fulfill the recondition of the garments during the custom warehousing phase.

Veneto Dress Service

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