For women, men and children clothing

Veneto Dress Service avails itself of an industrial professional ironing department on behalf of third party and it daily satisfies significant quantities of fashion garments and it treats different items of clothing. The operators, thanks to their expert hands and the ten years of experience, iron every kind of item of clothing for women, men and children.

The typologies of ironing are:

  • Manual ironing: traditional classical ironing, manual press ironing, board ironing and specialized machineries (232) and other accessories like the mannequin for delicate fabrics.
  • Industrial ironing tunnel: the garment is treated with saturated steam making the garment swell and formable. The circulating air module with its elaborate air flow straightens the garment and fixes the result by drying the garment. The decisive factor for this stunning finishing quality is the high-pressure water spraying technology. The micro-fine nebulization allows the water to permeate into the fibre and makes it swell. The company uses a 5 compartments Veit tunnel finisher that can adjust the temperature for any type of fabric. This kind of ironing is perfect to recondition, to refresh and to disinfect the items of clothing and this method can be applied to normal garments using non-manual quick ironing.

Veneto Dress Service offers a professional ironing also for the garments stored in the customs area that need to be tested before being cleared through customs.


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