For women, men and children clothing

Veneto Dress Service provides a wide range of logistic solutions to its clients.

The logistic process of the company starts from the receiving of the garments, following the quality control (if requested) according to the technical files, the reconditioning and the storage in the warehouse to the delivery in the retail sector. The company also offers the customs warehousing service to storage other clients’ goods for long periods of time with the consequent saving on the customs duties.

Veneto Dress Service‘s structures can be used individually or at the same time by more clients, and for many companies they are a point of reference for:

  • Quality Control: the qualified technicians carry out meticolous quality controls on goods, in order to identify any abnormalities
  • Saving: Thanks to Veneto Dress Service‘s Custom Area all the goods are exempt of VAT, customs duty and taxes.
  • The management of the customs practices: Veneto Dress Service manages the customs warehousing and all the customs clearance procedures of the incoming and outgoing goods.


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